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The Game itself is fun, however the achievemets are utter bullshit and everyone knows it. Why the hell are there no speed tracks either? Anyone who states they enjoy the extreme tracks is full of shit, and to be honest I fail to see why so many of these tracks have to be about perfectly timed jumps and bull shit box jumps and such. Whatever happened to mixing up the gameplay and providing a fun balance of tracks. I loved the original release... the first DLC was ok, but I had my gripes... Now this 3rd piece of shit comes out with retarded achievements, lame levels, and even more of the same designs. I know I'm not the only person who enjoys fast levels with Large jumps and plenty of hang time. My favorite levels from this game are by far the original easy & Medium levels as they had the best balance of speed and obstacles. I'm really REALLY disappointed in this DLC. This seems more like a money grab then a worthwhile download. Sad to say but I will not be downloading any more of the dlc should anymore come along after this pack. And no, I'm not bitching because I'm not good enough... I've beaten all the tracks, platinumed the majority as well, and the amount of time I've invested is well up around 100 hours. The bottom line is that this game simply isn't fun anymore and is to far unbalanced.
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