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Doom fans: favourite classic "official" levels?

By official levels, I mean Ultimate Doom, Doom II, or Final Doom (TNT Evilution/Plutonia Experiment). No player WADs or mods and nothing from Doom 3.

I've got a few. Perfect Hatred, the infamous E4M02 that everyone loves to hate. Romera says this took him a mere 6 hours, probably the shortest time he's ever worked on a map, but he managed to make it downright cruel. Limited supplies, hordes of enemies, and almost zero room to maneuver. Very cruel, especially if you were used to the relatively ease of the first three episodes.

MAP08 from Doom II. Tricks n' Traps. The name says it all, this is a gimmicky level that loves to fuck with you. From the starting room, you're surrounded on all sides by doors, each leading to a different challenge. The whole level has a very carnival sideshow feel to it. My personal favourite is the Cyber-Demon guarding the Blue? key. When you enter the room, he's facing you, with about 20 Hell Knights facing him (with their backs to you). The idea being the Cyber-Demon will immediately start firing rockets at you, but hit the Hell Knights instead and set off a huge chain reaction of monster fighting.

MAP11 from Plutonia. Hunted. Great name for what the map is. From the start you're in a room surrounded by arch-viles you can't see you. Pressing a switch or stepping on a teleport, don't remember which, teleports all the arch-viles out into a massive maze. You've then got to proceed through the maze, constantly aware that you're being hunted by a dozen arch-viles, hearing them shriek at you all the while. Very unsettling and a very cool idea.
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