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Originally Posted by zdarko43 View Post
many times a few different methods i typically use are:

possess the big daddy to believe that you're a little sister, then run out of the room, go do a few things, then come back to see another one spawned.
wait for him to go collect the little sister out of the cubby hole, then shoot him once, this will initiate the battle of the big daddys, which is also interesting to watch.
It's really easy to do that in Fort Frolic. Just possess the Big Daddy in the main room and go to Poseidon's Hall to see one come down the stairs

But there's other enemies there

But the easiest way to do it is at the second Bathysphere in Fort Frolic. Possess one Big Daddy and lead him all the way to the stairs in front of the bathysphere. Shoot him once and stand at the bottom of the stairs. Wait till he charges then he should slide into the bathysphere. Hide behind the lever and if he's in far enough, he'll just stand there hitting the ground. Peek out a bit and hit him with the crowbar (as long as you're next to the lever he won't hit you unless you get into range of him) and it goes by faster when you have the 3 crowbar upgrades
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