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Originally Posted by Yungstar 2006 View Post
WOW!!!, just WOW... a real live completionist. i bow down to your addiction..

spit the dummy out the pram much?

I start my original post saying I completed the game and gave my opinion of it as asked by the OP-

You respond saying that I played the game long enough to complete it which is obvious and has nothing to do with what was requested by the OP-

I rationalize why I completed it. I like to complete all my games and once I popped my first achievement, I proceeded to attain them all. It had nothing to do with actually enjoying the gaming experience. Furthermore, having completed it and beaten it multiple times gives me reason to be able to form a full opinion of it, though it is only my humble opinion. Me completing it doesn’t mean my opinion should be disregarded despite my experience with the game; rather it gives me a vantage to formulate a full opinion-

Now, enough with your mindless drivel. Your prior two posts were unconstructive, irrelevant, and have had nothing to do with the op. Your posts have said much more about your own obvious flaws as a human being than the flaws that exist in this sorry excuse for a game itself-

Not that my permission is needed, but anyone who has any opinion of the game that is akin to mine or greatly differs, I respect your right to feel how you wish about Damnation. Regardless, I’m done with this thread. Hopefully we can stay on topic from this point forward-

The floor is open…

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