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Euro Star - 20
Finished the Europe Levels

See "American Hero" for more information.

I'm Big in Japan - 20
Finished the Japan Levels

See "American Hero" for more information.

American Hero - 20
Finished the USA Levels

Finish all 5 races. Time does not affect the Achievement(s).

Tip: Do not press to "Chicken out" because you will not receive credit for passing the level.

Multiplayer (Online) Achievements (2):

Competitive Spirit - 10
Beat a friend in an Xbox LIVE race

Beat a friend from your friends list in an Xbox Live race. Please use the Achievement Trading Thread for help.

Social Climber - 15
Finished every level in Xbox LIVE

Finish all 15 races over Xbox Live with 2-4 players. Please use the Achievement Trading Thread for help.

DLC Achievements (Offline) (3):

City Lights DLC

Hats off to You! - 40
Get launched through the magic hat in Vegas 5

At the end of Las Vegas 5: Fear and Loathing, there will be a box on a conveyor belt and you have to jump over a flipped out wall obstacle. After the first wall that flips out there will be a giant Top Hat with a Green Arrow going through it. Simply jump into the hat to be launched out and the Achievement will unlock.

London Bridge - 40
Survive the collapsing bridge in London 5

At the end of London 5: Abbey Road there will be a collapsing bridge with a wheel that chases you. Simply make your way across the bridge without falling into the water or being crushed by the wheel and the Achievement will unlock.

Party Pooper - 20
Pop 5 balloons in a row without touching the ground

This can be done on Las Vegas 1: Jackpot, but I recommend waiting until London 4: Cheers. Near the end of the level there will be a large amount of balloons to jump on making it easier to pop 5 in a row without hitting the water.

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