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Originally Posted by VirtualScot View Post
I think there's more than enough evidence to suggest that those who done the the multiplayer before the patch won't get anything.

My only suggestion is that people request Terminal Reality to have there gamertag reset on there servers.

It should not be that big a job and it will get more ppl playing there multiplayer.

It ensures that achievement hunters get what they want and the leaderboards stay intact for those that don't care about the cheevos.
That is not true. The only online achievements I didn't have before the patch came out was........

No Job Too Big
Gozer's Most Wanted

I had a total of 950 points out of the 1000 before the patch came out. Now I had collected all but 4 of the Most wanted ghosts before the patch. The other night I obtained No Job Too Big. As far as Overachiever goes I have almost 10 million dollars. I don't know if I need the wins, awards or both so I am still trying with that. If I had to guess it would be the awards, but I don't know how to get different ones. I usually get 1 out of the same 5 awards after every game. Gozer's Most Wanted and Pay Day I have yet to try and obtain fully. Before the patch I worked on both of these but never actually completed everything to get them. I am not sure if I can get this or not, but I will try.

I am just letting everyone know I played the hell out of this game before the patch.
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