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Originally Posted by IN5TANT CLASS1C View Post
That is not true. The only online achievements I didn't have before the patch came out was........

No Job Too Big
Gozer's Most Wanted

I had a total of 950 points out of the 1000 before the patch came out. Now I had collected all but 4 of the Most wanted ghosts before the patch. The other night I obtained No Job Too Big. As far as Overachiever goes I have almost 10 million dollars. I don't know if I need the wins, awards or both so I am still trying with that. If I had to guess it would be the awards, but I don't know how to get different ones. I usually get 1 out of the same 5 awards after every game. Gozer's Most Wanted and Pay Day I have yet to try and obtain fully. Before the patch I worked on both of these but never actually completed everything to get them. I am not sure if I can get this or not, but I will try.

I am just letting everyone know I played the hell out of this game before the patch.
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