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Perfectionist 20
Earn 3 gold medals from the Animus Virtual Training Program.

You will get a small tutorial of the Virtual Training Program when you first access it. The game will explain what it is, and after that point you can do it whenever you want by hitting . To earn this achievement, you must earn a gold medal on at least 3 different challenges (but they can all be in the same category). These categories are as follows:
  • Free Run
  • Stealth Assassination
  • Locate
  • Combat
The first 3 Free Run Challenges are the easiest to get gold in. Just run the courses to get the gold medals (probably attempting each a few times).

Brotherhood 20
Recruit 3 Assassins.

You will recruit 2 assassins as a part of the main story. Find one more, and the achievement will unlock. The assassins will show up on your mini map as a new icon which the game will introduce you to. Go there and kill the surrounding guards attacking the person (they look like a civilian). Once you have saved them they will join you. If you wait to long, they may be killed and you will have to move on to another (there are many on the map).

Welcome to the Brotherhood 20
Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin.

A recruit can be leveled up by sending them out on contracts. Do this by visiting a Pigeon Coop or an Assassin Tower. Check the icons (hitting ) on your map if you need to know what they look like. Once you have hit the top rank (rank 10) you must visit Ezio's hideout to hold the introductory ceremony. The achievement will unlock after the ceremony ends.

A contract is a mission you send your recruits out on to gain experience to level up, which gives them extra equipment as well as increases their stats. They range in difficulty and the game will show how high of a chance your assassin has to completing it successfully. It also has a timer on how long it will take. The best approach is to rank up with an extreme high percentage (involving multiple assassins if need be) and picking the lowest amount of time possible. The higher the rank and experience needed, the more dangerous jobs you will be sending them out on to benefit from higher rewards. For every assassin added to the contract, it will divide the experience equally. This is a way to power boost later on to rank up everyone quicker.

If an Assassin is killed while in battle, or killed while on a contract, the Assassin dies forever. He/she will be erased from your roster and you will have to replace them. In order to ensure your assassins are all safe and sound, never send them on suicide missions (ones that are low percentage of success). To raise the success level, have a few assassins go on one mission. With a larger roster of assassins, you'll be able to have a few groups out at once. You should be able to level a good amount of them up to the highest rank by the end of the story if you utilize it correctly.

Assassin Levels:

1: Recluta (0XP)
2: Servitore(10XP)
3: Assistente (30XP)
4: Milte (80XP)
5: Discepolo (180XP)
6: Mercenario (350XP)
7: Guerriero (600XP)
8: Veterano (1200XP)
9: Maestro (2000XP)
10: Assassino (3500XP)

Capture the Flag 30
Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome.

There are a total of 101 Borgia Flags in Rome. You can find them throughout Rome’s districts, as well as the hidden shrines throughout Rome (3 per shrine). You can track your progress of how many flags you’ve collected from the Main Menu. Go to Main Menu > DNA > Additional Memories > Flags. It is separated into districts, so you can track the flags easily. Although, you should never have to use this feature as there are maps you may purchase at an Art Dealer shop.

Obtaining these maps will make 83 of these flags extremely easy to find. There are 2 ways to get the maps to show up in the Art Dealers' shops. Option 1 is to find 25 flags. Option 2 is to complete the game. Do not go out of your way to follow guides to get the flags, as you will be getting maps for them anyways. The only ones you may need help on are the flags in the shrines. See the "Amen" achievement description for those specific 18 flags.

Location and Costs of Maps:
  • Centro District: 17,255 florins
  • Vaticano District: 16,788 florins
  • Antico District: 17,102 florins
  • Campagna District: 16,915 florins
We are the Sultans of Swing.

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