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In Memoriam 20
Collect All Feathers.

There are a total of 10 feathers that can be collected throughout Rome. After collecting a total of 25 flags or completing the game, you can buy the Feather Map. This map shows you the location of all feathers in Rome. Use this to help you find the feathers with extreme ease. You may buy the map from any Art Dealer. The Feather Map costs 17,425 florins.

Dust to Dust 20
Find 1 Artifact in the Present.

*This achievement is missable*

After completing the final Memory sequence, you cannot access the present. Be sure that you exit the Animus at least once to find an artifact.

There are a total of 5 artifacts to be found in present-day Monteriggioni, but you only have to gain one for the achievement. Collecting the rest will offer no extra benefits. Pick any of the 5, or just follow the one chosen for the video.
  • Claudia’s Record Book- After exiting the Sanctuary, turn directly around, and its in the room off to the right.
  • Maria’s Feather Chest- After exiting the Sanctuary, head up to the top of the villa, and its in a hole in the roof.
  • Mario’s sword- Head south of the fighting ring, and head right. The sword is beneath a tree in a rock.
  • Ezio’s Belt- Upon picking up the sword, head straight down the alley and turn left. Head up the wall at the end of the alley, and the belt is in the corner.
  • Medici Cape- Head East along the main wall until you see the Church. Head inside, and the cape is inside.
Check out this video for the location of Maria's Feather Chest:

Serial Killer 20
Perform a Speed Kill Streak of 10.

You can do this in a few places where there are a lot of enemies. The best place to do it is in the Animus Training Program, where you can do it at your leisure. The best place is the Long Kill Streak challenge (last one on the list). Hold to start blocking when you have your weapon out. When a guard attacks you, press (while still holding ) right when the attack is about to hit you. This will cause you to counter and execute. Right as your execution is finishing up, press again highlighting any enemy nearby with the . Keep killing guards like this, keeping an eye out for an attack to counter sometimes by another guard. Explaining it makes it seem like a long process, but really it's all very quick. Watch the video if you'd like a better example on how it should look.

Spring Cleaning 10
Kill a guard with a broom.

At first you may not see any brooms until you advance through the story line. Just keep an open eye out while playing the game naturally until you see someone sweeping. They will be more frequent in the Centro District. To get the broom you can run into the person, grab and throw them, or even kill them to make them drop it. Pick the broom up and go to any guard and press to assassinate the guard.

Note: If you have the broom in your hand, you may still use the hidden gun. Using the gun (holding to initiate, letting go to fire) will not make you drop the broom. You may still obtain the achievement this way, even though you're technically getting the kill with the gun.

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