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Synchronization Established 10
Complete an entire Session with at least one kill (Multiplayer Only).

A session in multiplayer is any full game played. You must kill another player to gain this achievement. To kill someone, follow the indicator to your target and assassinate them (hitting ). You will most likely be targeted as well by someone else. Pressing to stun them does not count as a kill. You will be getting many kills while going for other achievements.

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

Needle in a Haystack 5
Kill your target while hidden in a hay bale (Multiplayer Only).

Hay bale's are scattered within the various levels in multiplayer. Just move towards one to jump in, and don't move at all to stay. When an unsuspecting opponent is walking by, hit when indicated and you should get the achievement.

Note: This achievement can be boosted in private matches.

Strong Closer 20
Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of the session and go on to win (Multiplayer Only).

You cannot be in first place when there is 10 seconds remaining on the timer. It has to be the last 10 seconds of the game and not just the end of a round. When not in 1st place, take the lead in the last 10 seconds. This is hard to do legit, but with a high enough kill combo you may be able to get it with luck. Instead do it in a private match with a friend. Stay on the rooftops to avoid getting sucked into crowds thus earning blend points. You can do this with just 2 players in a Manhunt game. When in a Private Game, have the person who is going for the achievement to be on Team 1. Team 1 will always attack first. The positions will switch after the first round. After the positions have switched, the person can take the lead and unlock the achievement.

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

Fast Learner 25
Kill your target and escape your pursuer in less than 10 seconds (Multiplayer Only).

To get this, you must be playing a match where you have a target, as well being a target at the same time. You must kill your opponent and escape your pursuer within 10 seconds of the kill. Stunning your pursuer will give you an auto escape. The best way to lose someone is to run through the open gates that shut. You may get it playing normal, but this achievement can be boosted with a few friends in Alliance mode. Have your pursuer run around in circles while you have above your targets head. Make the kill and stun the pursuer (or run).

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

Job skills 20
During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape (Multiplayer Only).

For this achievement you must have a minimum of 3 or more players (must have 1 as a target and 1 as a pursuer). Open Conflict is when a Target is aware of it's Pursuer. For this to work, your Target must be aware of you, and you must be aware of your Pursuer. Chase your target and kill them, then either run, hide, stun your pursuer, or have your pursuer kill a civilian. If boosting, just have all participants running around each other and then the one getting the achievement kill it's target, and stun it's opponent.

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.
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