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Download Complete 40
Reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only).

This one achievement is going to take a good amount of time, especially if you go for it legit. You may rank up in both Ranked and Player matches. The best boosting method is in the gametype Alliance. Alliance is not available right at the start, and requires a minimum level of 5 to play. Alliance requires a minimum of 6 players to start the game. The method is described below;



There will be 3 teams of 2 people each. While boosting, always stay on the same team. The matches will last 2 rounds, and whichever team is boosting must boost for that entire round. They will be killing their targets and stunning their pursuers. Everyone must meet in a central area of the map, or a place that's easy to get to (usually somewhere like a big water fountain for example, or in front of big pillars). The team getting the points will be stunning the pursuers. It's best to switch targets each time you stun because the game will give a delay on the stunning if you keep stunning the same person. The targets must keep running into that area and let themselves be killed. You should take mental note and kill every other target that runs your way. Be fair and give your partner their fair share of kills. Below is an example of the roles.

Note: There are 2 rounds. The teams will be switching roles, so if someone was being stunned one round, the next they will be dying, etc.

Team 1: In this example Team 1 is the boosting team. They will never die, and will always do killing and stunning. The perks don't really matter for this team, but they will want to make sure they have a kill streak award set to give bonus points.

Team 2: This team is the targets. They will continue to run to the meeting place to get killed. A good idea is to have perks that allow faster running and climbing (certain perks are obtained at certain levels). This team will change to the pursuers in round 2.

Team 3: This team is the pursuers. They will be having a bit of a break during their round. All they have to do is get stunned, and sometimes maybe move a little bit if they wind up being far away from each other. This team will change to the targets in round 2. If anyone has the Resistance Perk (unlocked at level 27) it should be applied. This will let you get up faster after being stunned, and will really speed up the boosting.

Using this boosting method and depending on how organized your boosting party is, you can get on average around 30k to 40k or even higher per match. Each match takes 8 minutes (4 minute rounds). So you will get that experience once every half hour. Remember to always be fair during your boosting sessions and before it ends, make sure the last team has gone. Also, if you're going to leave the boosting sessions, alert the party you will be leaving so they can look for a replacement.

To find a boosting party, please use the Achievement Trading Thread.

Role Model 20
Get all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session (Multiplayer Only).

This is a very easy achievement but you will need at least 4 people to boost it. This is best done in an Manhunt private match. You will need to do the 3 stun related bonuses in one round, and the 3 kill related bonuses in the next round.


Co-Op Stun: Target the pursuer with and have your team mate stun them.

Knock Out: Both you and your partner stun both of the pursuers at once (or within 10 seconds of each other).

Rescue: Have a pursuer get in a chase with your team mate (the pursuer runs around with the near your partner). Now stun that specific pursuer.


Co-Op Kill: Press on your target to lock on. Have your partner kill your target.

Multi Kill: Both you and your partner kill your targets at the same time (or within 10 seconds of each other).

Diversion: Have your partner get into a chase with a target (using to run around). Now kill that target without yourself being in the chase.

To find a boosting party, please use the Achievement Trading Thread.

Overachiever 20
Score 750 points or more on a single kill (Multiplayer Only).

You must get a string of bonuses that equal 750 points or higher. You can do it in any way you want, as long as your bonus for that kill gives you the score. Look through the bonus menu and you can see which ones give what amount of points. You'll likely get this while boosting and it can all be done in a private match. Pick whatever combo of points will get you the achievement and do those. A good example is to kill someone while hidden (hay stack or blended) while in focus mode (when the has a full white circle around it).

Kill: 100 Points
Incognito: 300 Points
Hidden: 200 points
Focus: 150 Points
Total = 750 Points

You can boost this in private matches or you'll probably just get this randomly while playing in multiplayer. All types of bonuses count, even variety and kill streak bonuses that occur.

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

Ahead of the Curve 20
Perform a double or a triple escape (Multiplayer Only).

To do a double or triple escape, you must have 2 or 3 people pursuing you in Chase mode. To know if they are in Chase mode, they will have red (triangle-shaped) indicators above their heads. You can only get multiple people chasing you when you are doing extra well in the match. The game will try to balance things out and have you as the target to more opponents. The amount of pursuers is displayed on the top of the HUD where there are 3 triangles. The triangles that are lit up red are how many are after you. Having 2 or 3 people after you will not guarantee you get this achievement as you must escape them all at the same time, not just have two or more pursuers and escape from 1.

This is very easy to boost in private matches. Play a team game and have 1 person in the first group, and 2 in the second group. The pursuers must free-run around the map (using ) until both are in chase mode. Now have the sole person in group 1 either stun both, escape, or even have the two pursuers kill civilians.

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

Abstergo Employee of the Month 20
Get every bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only).

This is one of the more difficult achievements in the game. You must get all bonuses in multiplayer at least once. All bonuses can be obtained in private matches except for the End Bonuses. For those it must be at least in player matches, but can still be boosted. For some of them you will have to play specific game types and have a minimum amount of players. There is no way to track of what bonuses you have completed. There are many bonuses to complete, so a separate guide for this achievement has been created.

Check out the Abstergo Employee of the Month Guide for more information.

NOTE:The Abstergo Employee of the Month achievement cannot be unlocked until you are at least level 29. This is because players cannot unlock the "Poison" ability until that level. There are two bonuses that require the Poison ability. These two bonuses are; Poison and Intercepted.
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