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Originally Posted by EisenFaustZeta View Post
I totally do not like Quantum Theory. The game is terrible. Get killed easily. No life bars. No telling when you're dying. Cannot recover from damage. Controls are sluggish. Syd cannot move. Syd cannot aim. Everything.

Therefore, I made a finalized decision to call it quits without a dispute. Games like that when you die too easily from enemy attacks due to no life bar and no recovery is not good. Vanquish is among one of them. Seriously, who wants to play 3rd person shooters when you do not have a life bar, do not have a damage status, do not recover from anything.

All that answer equals "a time bomb inside the player character which will kill the character overtime before the completion of the game." Somebody explain why this game has no life bars? It's not fair. I'm just confused because these games I know had them where the screen turns red for no reason:

Medal of Honor: European Assault
Medal of Honor: Vanguard
Metro 2033
Quantum Theory
what the fuck are you talking about vanquish and the health bar?! did you not understand the fact that when you jump into slo-mo time and your screen is red then you get the HELL into cover?

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