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I hate to keep asking about the same thing, but 100 arcade wins is still giving me trouble. Here is what I keep doing:

I go to Sepulcher with both controllers active as arcade. I jump controller 2 over the edge. Then I kill 4-5 guys and finish the level. (Does it matter if player 2 is alive when I finish? I have tried both ways with no success). Next I go back through the same portal and redo the above steps. When I run out of guys to kill, I save and then reload my original save and start again.

The reason I know it isn't working is cause I have my 2nd controller signed into my other profile. I got the achievement for "finish 1 arcade level", but it won't give me anything else. I thought I would at least get the 3 arcade wins in a row.

Thanks for your help.

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