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Hiya guys.

Just received and e-mail from Bethesda:


We have been made aware that some people are encountering connection
issues with the game,
but we have not yet established exactly how widespread this is.

In order to be in a position to provide accurate instructions,
we need to know more about your network settings.

From within the Xbox 360 menu, run the Xbox Live Connection Test.

My Xbox > Settings > Network Settings > Test Xbox Live Connection

From the button "More Information", let us know which NAT type is

Furthermore, please detail the type of broadband you have
i.e. ADSL, ADSL2, Cable Broadband.
Please provide the name of your ISP.

Are any other devices sharing your internet connection?

Your customer number is ********
Please refer to case #:: 401524793 if you have any further questions.

If you need further assistance, you can also reach us online at
or our technical support staff at 0203 0270982.
Please include all previous replies when/if responding to this message.

Best Regards,
Jamie D. at Bethesda Softworks Technical Support

So, if anyone experiencing issues wants to help solve the problem, drop an e-mail to with the above requested info, NAT type, broadband type, ISP and any other devices connected to your network.
I'd suggest including the case # 401524793

The quicker we get the info to them the quicker we can play online!
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