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thank you!!

Thank you, i finally got the Refinery Speed Run achievement, i jumped in the blue goo after i shadow runned up the 2 walls just after the 1st platform. Achievement unlocked after while the screen fades to black.

Edit: WTF, i finished the second speed run like 4 times fast and without dying/saving and i haven't received my achievement when I reached the slide after the moving bridge. Btw, when i reach the bridge, mine is a full one moving backward (not some blocks), i see in the video that the begining of the bridge is first some blocks then it's the whole bridge. Is it normal that when i reach the part of the speed run, i have a full bridge?

Edit2: Nevermind, i realised i had to do the speed run after i destroy the transformer not before, when i activate it. I finally got it on my 10+ tries xD. Damn, those pistons are faster now, i always died there.

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