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Originally Posted by nelsnelson View Post
People are going to hate me for saying this but I wish they had another tier of medals, like platinum. Once you can finish a level w/o dying it pretty much gets you to gold.

And yeah, this is a pretty good game, helped by the use of your avatar.
Many more levels were planned including a level editor so you could design your own. However, the limitations of the contest didn't give them enough time to add it. Much of this has been created and programmed already but not completed entirely so it was left out.

The hope is that if the game wins the Doritos competition, they may decide to put a little more work in and create a new expansion for a few bucks that will include more levels and the level designer.

Here's the link to vote for the game and you can do it daily. You just set it up to queue the download for the pics and it counts as a vote for the game. Just log in to your 360 to do the download.

Less than a week left so do it now!
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