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Achievement Guide/Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2-3
-Offline: 20/20 [200/200]
-Online: None.
-Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 1-2 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No known cheat codes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No.
-Glitchy achievements: None.
-Unobtainable achievements: None.
-Extra equipment needed? Windows 7 Phone, $2.99USD

Introduction: Fruit Ninja, the popular iPhone/iPod touch, and later, Android OS game has arrived on the WP7 device, bringing along with it most of the same achievements.

The gameplay is simple, fruit is thrown in the air on the screen and you swipe your finger across the screen, hacking up as many fruits as you can to gain points. There are 3 modes available:

Classic Mode - Life based mode where you are given 3 "lives" as the fruit is thrown in the air. Missing a fruit will cause you to lose a life, gaining 100 points will earn you back a life. Bombs will be scattered throughout the fruit and touching a bomb will cause you to automatically fail.

Zen Mode - 90 second mode where there are no bombs or lives to worry about, just plenty of fruit hacking fun where your primary goal is to get combos by slicing multiple fruits in one hack across the screen.

Arcade Mode
- 60 second mode similar to Zen Mode except there are a LOT more fruits on the screen, there are bombs there to ruin your day, and random power up bananas will appear on the screen. Activating a banana (either red/yellow Frenzy mode, or a blue banana that will stop the clock and slow down the movement of the fruit on the screen) is the best way to accrue points in this mode.


Great Fruit Ninja 10
Get a score of 100 in Classic Mode

- See Ultimate Fruit Ninja

Ultimate Fruit Ninja 10

Get a score of 200 in Classic Mode

Select Classic Mode from the Mode Select screen, in this mode you are given 3 "lives" that are lost when any fruit is missed and falls off the screen. Bombs will also appear with the fruit and if accidentally swiped, will cause you to the lose the game. So take your time as it is not time based, just try and swipe all fruit while it's on the screen and be careful to avoid the bombs as it's an automatic loss.

If you do lose a life, another one will be granted at 100 points.

Fruit Fight 10
Kill 150 Fruit Total

See Fruit Annihilation

Fruit Blitz 10
Kill 500 Fruit Total

See Fruit Annihilation

Fruit Frenzy 10
Kill 1000 Fruit Total

See Fruit Annihilation

Fruit Rampage 10
Kill 5000 Fruit Total

See Fruit Annihilation

Fruit Annihilation 10
Kill 10000 Fruit Total

Sounds like a lot, but considering this is the only thing you're tasked to do in this game, it goes by fast. If you've completed all other achievements and have not unlocked this, arcade mode is a fast way to destroy fruit as the the "Frenzy" banana power-up will throw large amounts of fruit on the screen for you to murder.

Lucky Ninja 10
Get 6 criticals in one round in Classic Mode

Survive long enough in Classic Mode to receive 6 critical attacks on fruit. As far as I can tell, critical hits on fruit are random and don't involve swiping them any particular way. So just keep playing in Classic Mode and you should receive this in time.

Almost A Century 10
Get a score of 99

Load up Classic Mode and play until you're around 95 points. At this point, slice fruit one by one so you don't accidentally swipe through a large amount and get a combo bonus that will take you above 99. Once you're at 99, let your lives run out and you'll receive this achievement.

Mango Magic 10
Get a critical hit with a Mango

Again, I believe critical hits in this game are random so continue to play and this should unlock through natural progression.

Deja Vu 10
Kill 4 of the same type of fruit in a row in Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, there will be moments where a row of the same fruit will appear on the screen. Take your time, wait until they reach the top of the screen and as they're about to fall, take a long swipe from left to right and hit as many as you can. You'll likely get this early on playing Classic.

Combo Mambo 10
Slice 6 fruit in one combo

Same idea as Deja Vu, but can be done in other modes and the fruits don't have to match. You should easily receive this in Arcade Mode while having a Frenzy power up, but is easily obtainable in other modes.

Moment Of Zen 10
Achieve a score of 200 in Zen Mode

Zen Mode - Focus primarily on combos here, best advice I can give is to just take your time and don't just swipe randomly all over the screen, take long and well placed swipes to eliminate as much fruit as you can together.

Year Of The Dragon 10
Slice the secret fruit!

In Classic Mode, every now and then a prickly shaped fruit will quickly fly across the screen. All you have to do is quickly swipe it and you'll receive the achievement and a bonus 50 points will be added to your score. Don't recall seeing this fruit in any other mode.

The Lovely Bunch 10
Get the Lovely Bunch star in Zen Mode

Zen Mode - Occasionally 5-6 coconuts will shoot up in the air. Don't panic, just wait until they're all lined up and then quickly swipe in one motion and try and hit all of them. This seems to be pretty random/luck based so just keep replaying Zen Mode until they show up. You must hit a minimum of 5 coconuts to receive the star at the end of the round.

Tip via TripleKillFeed: Nope, I got the Lucky Bunch star with a 3 coconut combo. It must be your best combo though in order for it to display at the end for the Lucky Bunch star. My advice is to try and not get too many 4+ combos on other fruit (or not hit any at all unless they are 3+ coconuts) if you only want to go for this achievement.

Its All Pear Shaped 10
Kill 3 Pears in a row in Classic Mode

Classic Mode - I unlocked this by: waiting until 2 were grouped together, slice them, and then hope that the next batch of fruit will have a pear in it I can focus on. I actually sliced 2 pears, 3 other fruits were thrown up and dropped and I lost, but then a pear shot in the air that I sliced before it took me to the main menu and it still unlocked.

Wake Up 10
Get a score of 0

Load up Classic Mode and let it sit there until you lose. Easy.

Underachiever 10
Get a score of less than 20 after all bonuses have been awarded

You'll get this in Arcade Mode where bonuses are awarded. Few ways of getting this, an easy way is to hit a banana (not hitting one will award 50 points), another fruit (credit to m4milo, I forgot that only hitting 1 fruit will give you a bonus), and a bomb (not hitting one will also award points) and let the time run out. Easy!

Overachiever 10
Get a score of over 400 after bonuses

Arcade Mode - may take a few attempts but if you take advantage of the red/yellow striped banana, you'll go into frenzy mode and with a few well placed swipes (I always do long swipes starting from left to right across the screen), you should get this without too much effort. Just avoid bombs as they will eliminate your current banana power up and erase all fruit on the screen.

Bomb Magnet 10
Hit three bombs and score over 250 points after bonuses

Arcade Mode - Either start the game and hit 3 bombs right away so you can just focus on points, or play naturally with the time and by the end, if you haven't hit 3 bombs, quickly hit enough. Shouldn't take much effort to receive 250 points, especially if you use the power ups wisely.


Another easy /200 WP7 game. Only annoying achievements for me were The Lovely Bunch and Its All Pear Shaped due to the random order that the fruit appear in, but with a little patience or luck you should quickly have this game finished. Any advice or criticism, let me know and I'll adjust the guide accordingly. Thanks.

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