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Originally Posted by DrJibba View Post
Level 6 (Morotesi)

1. As soon as you learn sonic scream for echo echo smash the ice crystals in the area and there is a red right there.
2. Shortly after the previous one you will use cannonbolt to shoot up 2 ramps. Fight a wave of enemies and then continue to an area where you use chromastone to ride those cart things around. After the first ride you come to a ledge. Look off the back side of the ledge for a green you can drop to and then use chromastone to ride the cart thing back up.
3. After a little while you will drop down and walk past a drill. Fight 2 separate waves of enemies. Keep an eye out for an ice crystal to sonic smash for green badge. Right on your left as you enter a tunnel. (This one glitched and stuck to the wall for me on my first playthrough, hopefully it doesnt happen to anyone else)
4. Right after crossing a broken pink crystal bridge. Sonic screams some ice crystals up on your left for a green badge. (This should also pop the achievment for getting all the greens).
5. In large open area that is kind of a sandy color.You will fight a large enemy wave. Before heading into the next area head to the left back of this area for the last red and final collectible of the game.

Yahoo!! Now you have all the collectibles!!! If you have any questions feel free to send me a message over XBL GT: X Dr Jibba X
Special Thanks to CrustyDirtDemon for help making this guide possible!!
I hope this helps everyone as it is my first collectible guide. But as said before you will see most of this without any help!!! Good Luck!!

on #4 you might want to add that the green badge is right after the 1st laser door you open with a pressure plate using echo. In that tunnel with the pink crystals falling creating broken bridges.

Thanks for the guide!!
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