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Got the first survival, the default drama one...only the other survival and trials to end this shit forever for good...and if I could do the first of the two (probably slightly harder, since the default dramas I got weren't much useful), why shouldn't I achieve the second aswell? *.* I even got it on my second attempt, while I reached fight #76 to die like an idiot against Ginyu the first time. The key for the survivals is definitely Vegeta.

As Vegeta (is it even worth mentioning to pick Final Flash?), the first thing to do is reaching the Super Sayian form, which saves about 2.5 seconds on the next ki refill (I mean: it's about 10.5 seconds to make a ki gauge full from scratch as normal Vegeta, while it's just about 8 seconds to fill it as SSJ; it's about 9 seconds as Super Vegeta, so never bother wasting a ki load for it). Then cheap your way trying to avoid any attack and use Final Flash as soon as it's ready and you have an opening which is merely decent. For the early fights, until the 60s included, it's also a good idea to enter aura spark mode first, use one RT+LS_forward+B attack next the enemy to rape one health bar of theirs, then use a Final Flash for the second and half health bar, almost, and the rest should be done already with a throw at the beginning of the fight and few other random hits. The good point of the LS_fw+B attack, with or without RT, with or without being in aura spark, is that it works already before you realease it! So if the enemy is close range, he'll get hit by the loading of the move itself. It's not really so useful in later stages, since they'll teleport on your back with no effort, but it's something to keep in mind nonetheless. And it's also a good thing that it's an attack while loading since you can use it as a shield on your front side: should you be loading it and the CPU throws some lame KI hits at you, they'll get lost on the loading Big Bang attack; same if they're walking to you while performing a combo. As usual though, it's an advantage which gets lost once the AI turns the "unfair mode on" and starts teleporting a lot. One thing not to underextimate about this, finally, is that if they teleport on your back they'll both waste KI thus delaying their aura spark moment, and they'll get fatigued, which might lead to a 100% fatigue after a Final Flash which will fatigue them more.
What's really important is entering aura spark mode before using Final Flash, usually: it won't deal extra damage, but can guard some of the less powerful ki minor hits which are often thrown at you. In other words, the aura spark before the Final Flash may prevent you from losing the attack while charging it only because of a stupid hit. Of course if you have a good opening (like when you've just dodged away from a combo in progress) don't even think at wasting time and go for the Flash straight already.
The start of each fight should be attempted with a throw: if it works, good, else screw it.
The only other attack to use, unless you're comfortable with the commands, is LS+Y attack. It's an attack which can be charged holding Y (and as such will penetrate the defenses, unless it's ultrablock, and is never dodged, at most it will just miss because the target moves, but many times they just hold A for a useless defense) and looks like Vegeta jumps forward in the air, prepares the kick in the air and then strikes (just to be sure we're talking about the same thing). It's just great since it deals always about 250+ points of damage, which is A LOT since you already deal the rest with two Final Flashes. Moreover, the AI sucks much enough with it...abusable. Also, use it to deal extra damage whenever you think it's ok. It's also a good way of gaining quicker KI (slightly quicker) than the opponent, since you get the KI from kicking them, while their loading of KI will stop for a bit when they get hit. Usually two of them and two Final Flashes mean the death of the CPU; there's still of course the possibility that the CPU messes with drama pieces and one Final Flash gets wasted, but whatever, you're not going to need a perfect cheap fight everytime.
Other than this, just don't try to be the hero and rely on Final Flash as much as possible; if you get in a stupid situation and don't find decent openings, typically when you're against a Goku at his last health bar and he'll just stay away, always ultrablocking and occasionally throw some ki hits at you, take advantage of those ki hits by standing far from him doing nothing: he'll eventually throw something to pass through with a Final Flash of yourself. And that's all, really.
If they go aura spark mode, don't even think to do the same and ultrablock because it's dumb, they'll eventually teleport on your back and/or if they're at close range they'll perform their grabs which hurt a ton on the long run. If they're aura spark, just fuck them up with Final Flash the usual way as soon as it's ready, and it'll be very soon if you stay out of them with the LS_back runaway command, some A+LS_down and LS_down held when you're far from them, to earn time and KI. Waiting for it to turn off is STUPID: it takes less time to load the three KI segments three times (id est: three final flashes, which are more than the enough required to kill the CPU from scratch, and you should usually already have dealt more than one bar and half of damage to them before they have the chance of entering aura spark for the first time) than to spend the aura spark, by the CPU. That's why it's just stupid to defend and get hit instead of trying to cheap the fight out as soon as possible.
My typical attitude in the fight is running away and then running up/down with LS, which usually will earn me some good time before they reach me.
Sure it's still required to have a decent luck on it...for example, on my successful run I got only two Ginyu with 5 KI segments (5 is when he can do the switch of bodies) and I managed to take him down both the times without too much effort. And my 90s weren't the worst possible. Still, I got a Goku, a Bardack and at last a Vegeta with 3 KI segments...goddamnit I was freaking out lol Luckly he didn't use his Final Flash >.> lol

I'd say the survivals are, together, as hard as Z ranking some Z missions. Mine has lasted 50 minutes total, this way (50 minutes ingame, which are of course more considering the loading and everything else). Vegeta's way, like this, is great. On my failed run I wasn't transforming first, and that's what probably caused the fail. I can't possibly think at a better strategy than Final Flashing as Super Saiyan dealing the extra damage left with LS+Y, and surely I'm not the first who notices this; still, I don't get why so many people don't have the survival achievements if they aren't this much hard after all, at least like this. They only need a lot, a ton of concentration and a bit of luck in the last 10 fights: sure nobody can claim to win if they're 10 Vegetas with 3 KI segments in a row, or a mix of 5-KI-Ginyu, Goku, Bardack and Vegeta...


And I guess I have nothing else left to say and leave on the board until my duty will be fulfilled. Hopefully, tomorrow. Hopefully≤, tomorrow morning. Hopefully≥, tomorrow morning 50 minutes after I turn the xbox on
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