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Originally Posted by AdiAins View Post
Great guide went from 3 achievements to all but i believe 5 in 8 hours. Was stuck so i traded it in, saw this guide and rebought it 2 years later. Only having trouble on Silent Avalanche on hard (Ogotos burn through the snipers but Helix I/Ii rape me).
The build I used for was Madness arms, 047AN05, and a single OGOTO. Max out Lock Speed and Radar Refresh. Get cover and pop up and shoot the snipers with the OGOTO until they are all dead, then use the madness arms on the NEXTs. Just don't miss. Dunno if you've been using the Madness Arms, but 2 hits pretty much kill everything... I found them fantastic against all the annoying, evasive bosses.

Hope this helps!
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