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Android #16 got me on the 99th fight, goddamnit! It could have been a chance already to win...but I lost, he even got a perfect over me -__- Then I owned his ass on the fourth overall (second on custom drama) run through survivals, on the 96th fight, and the next opponents followed him. Achievement popped up, Starlight126 happy. The trials weren't as easy as I thought O.o I oneran them, but I was about to lose against Broly on the very last fight of mine on this game.

I'll ask some moderators or whoever takes care of the achievements roadmap to change that stupid 9/10: I couldn't disagree more on the 9 in spite of 10, and I couldn't disagree more on the reason for it. With all the possible respect, what the hell does it mean "there's nothing challenging involving online, that is why I give it 9/10" ? Are you kidding me? This is one of the hardest completitions possible, with 300G placed on 3 achievements which are worthy alone 3400 points on, and that's because they're extremely hard to obtain. They're OUT of most people's range, they compel the casual gamer (like me) to an extreme effort in order to gain everything which is required by the game, and it almost requires the most possible from each mode. What if the online was harder? Harder what? The online is always either boostable or just time consuming, so I don't get what could make the game "harder", not a game like this where all you have to do is fighting and at most there could have been some "win 100 fights over xbox live" achievement which was just going to be a stupid waste of time, not an extra challenge which makes the difference between 9 and 10 in a rating like this. It's absolutely wrong, you can't decide by yourself that "I give it 9 because oh, I wanted something hard for online aswell" when there's a community out there who couldn't get the 1000G on this game, likely stopping at 700 or 800, and less than 100 people on seem to have succeeded in everything, and that's out of 100 times 100 people and more who played the game out there, and on that website are registered most of those who go after these kind of achievements. Really, it's an extremely wrong reason not to give it a deserved full 10/10, leave out that there are games such as Devil May Cry 4 which have 10/10 and are far easier than this one.

Well, that's really all now, my job is done here. Finally.

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