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And the Winner is… 30
Win a match in Boxing

Simply win your first game of Boxing. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty or against a friend locally or online. If you’re really rubbish, just ask your friend to let you win.

Tornado Gardens Champion 10
Win a match in Boxing (Champion difficulty)

Patience and timing are the keys to winning here. Just throwing wild punches may work on lower difficulty opponents, but against the Champion it’ll just result in blocks and stuns, which aren’t good. Combos work well, following one punch with another but as soon as your opponent begins to block, withdraw and play on the defensive side yourself or else you risk getting up their power bar. Remember that it’s a game; exaggerated movements work best. If you’re going for an uppercut, for example, really throw an upwards punch so that the game actually reads it as an uppercut. When blocking, try not to keep your hands too close together, just to make sure that Kinect reads it as a block, so that you’re not caught off guard thinking you’ve blocked when Kinect’s read it as something else. While stuns are your worst nightmare, they’re also your best friend. Once you’ve made a few blocks and got up your power bar, go for a wide hook shot. If it connects, it’ll daze your opponent for a few seconds allowing you to go crazy with the punches without worrying about a counter-attack or a block. Bear in mind the technique mentioned below in “Stunning Recovery” in case you’re subject to a stun yourself. No matter how you win the match, whether it be a KO, TKO or from a technicality at the end, once you win the Achievement should pop.

TKO 15
Win a match with a technical knockout (3 knock downs in 1 round) in Boxing.

You have to knock your opponent out three times in a single round. If they’re not all in the same round, they won’t count. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty (although obviously lower is easier) or against a friend locally or online. If you’re playing a friend, just have them sit back until you knock them out, then have them punch the stars that are floating around their head so that they can get back up again. Repeat another two times. You should win the game by a technical knockout and your Achievement should pop.

Kiss the Canvas 15
Knock down your opponent with an uppercut in Boxing

An uppercut is simply a punch thrown upwards, towards the chin. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty (although obviously lower is easier) or against a friend locally or online. The aim is to get your opponents health down to the red, then focus on throwing all your punches in a vertical, upwards motion towards your opponents chin. You should knock them out with an uppercut, and your Achievement should pop. Obviously, if you’re going to do this with a friend, you can just have them stand and do nothing.

Comeback Kid 15
Win a match after being knocked down 4 times in Boxing

This can either be done against a computer on amateur difficulty or higher (as the computer on beginner difficulty does not know how to knock you out), or against a friend locally or online.For this, you need to be knocked out 4 times in a boxing match, and then go on to win it. Due to technical knock outs however, you can only be knocked out twice per round (in rounds 1 and 2), or else you will lose by default. Once you have been knocked out, you will have to hit a selection of stars that circle around your head, which increase with difficulty the more times you get knocked out. Once you’ve recovered from your fourth knockout, you need to knock your opponent out without being knocked out again yourself. If you’re doing this with a friend, just let them knock you out four times, only reacting to hit the stars, then after four knock outs, knock them out and have them do nothing.

Stunning Recovery 15
Survive a stun sequence without being hit in Boxing (Professional or Champion difficulty)

This has to be done against either a professional, or champion difficulty opponent, although naturally professional will be easier. You will notice a ‘power bar’ beneath yours and your opponent’s health. Throw some punches at your opponent while they’re blocking in order to charge this bar up, and then once the three segments have been lit up, stop guarding and let them stun you. You will know that you’re stunned because you will no longer be able to hear the crowd. You will then need to try and read the computers movements for about 5 seconds by blocking all of its punches. If it ducks slightly, chances are it’s going for a low shot, and if it’s stood tall, it’s probably going for a high shot. Block these shots (you should only have to block 2 or 3) and if you haven’t taken a hit, the Achievement should pop.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

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