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Head of the Table 30
Win a match in Table Tennis

Simply win your first game of Table Tennis. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty or against a friend locally or online. If you’re really rubbish, just ask your friend to let you win.

Blade Center Champion 10
Win a match in Table Tennis (Champion difficulty)

Try and play the match like you would a real table tennis match. Remember that the game registers when you put spin on the ball, and it is trick shots like these combined with attempting to make the computer stretch to the other side of the table, like mentioned below in “Roll Them Over”, that will help you on your way to victory. Take note of the shots that your opponents play to try and counter them accordingly, as your opponents can put spin on the balls too which will cause them to be returned differently eg. a shot with back spin will be slower, meaning you will have to wait longer before returning it, and a top spin shot will need to be hit earlier than a normal one. With a bit of practice, this Achievement should be yours.

Roll Them Over 15
Force your opponent to roll 3 times in a match when reaching for the ball in Table Tennis

This is another Achievement that sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. Simply return three balls to the opposite corner of the table to which you returned it last. For example; if you’ve just played it to the left, return it to the far right. This will cause the computer to roll in an attempt to reach it. These rolls do not have to be consecutive, as long as all three are achieved during a single match. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty or against a friend locally or online.

To the Left, to the Right 15
Win 2 games, one with each hand in Table Tennis

There are a number of ways you can achieve this. The game simply requires you to win 2 games, one with your left hand and one with your right hand. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty or against a friend locally or online.

  • You can either attempt to do it yourself, against a computer on a low difficulty if you are confident using both hands.
  • You could have a friend let you win if you know that you can’t use one hand as well as the other.
  • You could beat your opponent with your preferred hand, then have a friend step in and play the second match using the hand that you’re not so good with.
No matter how you choose to win, simply win 2 games, one using each hand, and the Achievement should unlock.

Have It! 15
Win a match with a smash in Table Tennis

This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty or against a friend locally or online.Simply when it is match point for you, win the point with a smash. This can only be attempted when the ball is lobbed in the air. Try and move closer to the table and wait for the ball to come down a bit before swinging hard to smash the ball. Placement is crucial, as you should try and smash it to the opposite side to where the computer is stood, or they may be able to return it and you’ll have to wait for another opportunity.

Return to Sender 25
Score 60 or more in the Rally Tally Table Tennis mini-game

This is actually one of the more difficult Achievements to obtain, as you need to resist the urge to just smash the ball. Direction and placement is the key here. There is no time limit, however your opponent will begin to return the ball faster and faster as you approach the needed score of 60+. The best way to approach this is simply to return the ball in as straight a line as possible back to the computer, so that it goes directly to them, rather than forcing them to move for it, which can cause them to miss and the rally to end. Just keep persevering and don’t let the pressure get to you. Stay focused, and this Achievement should be yours.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Paddle Perfection 25
Score 150 or more in the Paddle Panic Table Tennis mini-game

This isn’t actually as difficult as it sounds, although it will take a bit of practice and the ability to use both hands accurately to return the balls. You have 45 seconds to return 150 balls, which will be passed to you on both sides of the table. You only need to return them, but it doesn’t matter where on the table you return them, as long as they bounce on the opposing side. For every 5 balls you hit, you’ll get a 2 second time bonus. Holding your arms out at a slight angle, like the goalkeeper stance mentioned in “Golden Gloves” will help here, as you will only need to make small hand movements to return the balls, rather than huge wind up smashes. You may need to employ the “windmill technique” mentioned earlier for “Ball Blitz”. Keep returning the balls until you’ve scored 150+ and this Achievement will be yours.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Table Top Triumph 15
Win a match conceding no points in Table Tennis (Professional or Champion difficulty)

Slightly more difficult in some respects than simply beating your opponent, as this Achievement requires you to win with a score of 11-0, playing against a Professional or Champion difficulty opponent. Obviously playing the Professional difficulty opponent will be much easier. See “Blade Center Champion” for tips on how to win, and on returning certain trick shots. If you can win the game 11-0, without conceding a single point, then the Achievement is yours.
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