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Win a full contest in Track & Field

Simply win your first game of Track & Field. This can either be done against a computer on any difficulty or against a friend locally or online. If you’re really rubbish, just ask your friend to let you win. You do not need to win every single event, simply win overall. You earn points based upon your position and score, so if you do a lot better than the computers in any event, you can expect a lot more points. This can compensate for any weak events you may have.

Flame Stadium Champion 20
Win a full contest in Track & Field (Champion difficulty)

This is probably one of the most physically demanding Achievements, as there will be a fair bit of running on the spot and throwing going on here. With it being Champion difficulty, you will be really pushed to the limits to do as well as you can in each and every event. Remember that you do not have to come first in every single event, as winning is based on your total points for the whole contest. This should not be attempted until you are confident that you can at the very least break each world record, as this is the best way to rack up as many points as possible. Winning is obviously the most secure way to get this, although a close second or third will keep any point difference between you and your opponents to a minimum, meaning there’s less chance of them overtaking you after possibly one of your weaker events.

  • 100m – Remember, the game reads high knees as running fast, so try and move those knees and quickly and as high as possible. A boost start and boost finish always helps too. See “Turbo Pants”
  • Javelin – Get a good run up, and throw at a good angle, around 60/70 (depending on what works best for you) to get a good mix of enough height for it to travel well when it begins to dip and plenty of power and distance to make it go further. Remember, you get three attempts at this, and they select your best, so as long as you get one good solid throw in, it doesn’t matter as much if you mess up afterwards. If you can hit the electrical equipment at the back, then you should have no problems here. See “Circuit Breaker”
  • Long Jump – A good technique to employ here is the one mentioned in “Windmill Wonder” as you seem to go further. Get a good, quick run-up and jump as soon as the path goes green. Kinect has a slight delay, so this should prevent you running over and fowling. If you get a good run-up, and a good jump, you should get a good distance. Windmilling your arms while in mid-air seems to significantly improve the distance too, if done correctly. Obviously, the further the better. This may take a bit of practice to get right.
  • Discus – Unlike the Javelin, you are not required to do a run-up. Simply stand with your throwing arm outstretched and bent slightly at the elbow. Keep your legs straight and pivot your body about your waist. Keep your arm at the angle you wish to throw at, and when you pivot your body back, pivot your arm back by your shoulder. Pivot both forward at the same time, with a good deal of force and hopefully you should get a good throw. Like with the javelin, you get three attempts at this, so as long as you get at least one decent throw, it doesn’t matter as much if you mess up in the other two.
  • Hurdles – Speed and timing are everything here. You will need to be quick off the line and quick in the running parts. You will need space here to ensure that you can jump without bumping your head, or head butting the light, as believe me, it’s very off-putting… As you approach the hurdle, it will turn through orange to green. Jump as soon as the hurdle turns green and you should clear it without loosing any speed. Keep this up until you’ve cleared the last hurdle, then treat the final straight like the 100m sprint, putting as much energy as possible into getting as quick a time as possible.
Hopefully, those tips as well as any personal techniques that work for you, will help you bag your Achievement by the end of this very tiresome track & field event!

Turbo Pants 20
Gain a boost start and boost finish in 100m

This is best done on a low difficulty to begin with, until you get the hang of it. Once you’ve mastered it however, it is invaluable to winning the 100m, especially on Champion difficulty. Simply begin the race like an actual runner, crouched slightly, with one foot infront of the other, arms posed to run. You will know if you get a boost start because you will have tunnel vision, and it will look slightly blurry as you boost. When it comes to finishing, just before the line, lean forward like athletes do and you will boost finish. If you’ve done it correctly, the Achievement should pop.

Circuit Breaker 20
Break some electrical equipment within the stadium in Javelin

For this Achievement, you have to hit a piece of electrical equipment on the field with your javelin. Unfortunately, the equipment at the side, constituting a fowl throw does not count. The equipment in question is right at the back of the field, and you will need to throw a minimum of 105m in order to be able to hit it. Get a good run up and a good strong throw at a good angle; keeping consistent when you get close. This will take a bit of practice, but keep at it.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Windmill Wonder 20
Perform a windmill manoeuvre in Long Jump

This is probably best done when score doesn’t matter, until you get it right, and it is also probably best done in private, as you are guaranteed to look like an idiot in front of your friends doing this. Simply run up, and jump as normal. Then while in mid-air spin your arms like windmills. It will feel strange, granted, but it can really get you some much needed distance if done properly. If you land it correctly, the Achievement should pop.

Dire Distance 20
Throw the discus less than 4 meters in Discus

Like with “Windmill Wonder” this is probably best done when score doesn’t matter. The best way to do this is to throw the discus with very little power at a very high angle, so that it arcs upwards, but doesn’t have enough power to travel very far. If it comes down, very pathetically, and lands with a score of less than 4 meters, your Achievement should pop.

Juggernaut 20
Win a race after knocking down every hurdle in Hurdles

Simply treat the hurdles like a sprint, and ignore each and every hurdle. Don’t bother jumping at all, just run as fast as possible and crash into each and every hurdle. This is best done against computers on a low difficulty, as they will be quite slow and thus easy to beat. If you finish the race in 1st place, after knocking down every single hurdle, the Achievement will be yours.
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