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Pew Pew Pew! 25
Scored 360 or more in the Pinvaders Bowling mini-game

This is like a cross between bowling and space invaders. The pins are on a conveyor belt, in lines of 5 pins, and these will gradually move towards where you're stood. The idea here is to try and unleash the balls so that the knock down as many pins as possible using one ball at a time, because unlike with some of the other bowling minigames, the balls aren't indefinately spawning and actually have a "respawn" time, so use them wisely. Focus on one side with each ball and alternate between bowling down these lines. Accuracy is far more important than speed here. Bear in mind, though, that if any pin manages to reach the end boundary, the game will end, so ensure that you keep the pins as far back as possible at all times.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Invasion Thwarted 30
Knocked down 50 pins or more in 4 seconds in the Pinvaders Bowling mini-game

This will likely take a few tries to get right, but it's actually pretty easy to get when you've got a good technique going on. As mentioned in "Pew Pew Pew" the pins will be on a conveyor belt coming toward you. The idea here is listen to the music which will indicate when the pins are going to speed up, like the alien ships in space invaders. The idea is to wait and time it, so that you unleash both balls at the same time. Aim for one side, rather than straight down the middle, as this should, if done correctly, only leave one line of pins rather than two either side. If you've timed it right, you should get your 50+ pins in under 4 seconds and but then the remaining pins will then reach the boundary that ends the game, so be warned.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Biff Sock Kapow! 25
Scored 12 or more in the King of the Ring Boxing mini-game

This involves KO-ing 12 opponents within the mini-games time limit. It's actually a lot easier than it sounds, and one of the best methods of doing this is by employing an uppercut windmill technique, where you just throw uppercut after uppercut at your opponents. This technique works because no matter how your opponent blocks, you'll still get some hits in - then once they're dazed, you get let off a stronger uppercut to finish them off without having to change motions.

I've included a video below to illustrate: (it also contains a guide for the 'Wild Rush' Achievement)

Have That Too 30
Hit 3 or more consecutive smashes in the Target Smash Table Tennis mini-game

This can be acquired whilst gaining the 'Target Teaser' Achievement. You need to hit the same target three times in order to earn yourself a smash. This isn't as difficult as it sounds, it just requires you to build up your smash shots. Once you've acquired one smash, use it to uncover a '3' and two '2's. From there, hit the '3' and attempt to smash both '2's and then the '3's underneath. If you don't quite manage it, try again, until you've built up a minimum of three 'smash' shots. Then, unleash them, one after the other to alternating sides of the table to ensure they hit - putting power behind your swing to make sure it's counted as a 'smash' and not just a return.

I have included a video below to illustrate: (it also contains a guide for the 'Target Teaser' Achievement)

Kilometer King 25
Scored 1000 or more in the Rapid Runner Track & Field mini-game

Ensure that your Kinect sensor is placed in such a place that it can pick up the movement of your knees, otherwise this Achievement can be made a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Remember that whilst you're timed, you don't actually need to run quickly; bear in mind that the game registers speed by how high your knees are, so the higher you can raise your knees the better. You're timed here, so it's simply a measure of speed and endurance. The green "rest" zones while giving you a slight time bonus will slow you down significantly if you choose to stop running here. One very useful tip to remember is that you can keep your controller handy and just hit the Xbox button to pause the game if you feel like you need to take a break, and you can then come back to it when you're feeling up to it. Stretch beforehand, don't overexert yourself, and please don't do yourself an injury!

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Fruit Machine 25
Scored 50 or more in the Fruit Splatter Volleyball mini-game

This is actually an incredibly easy Achievement to obtain. Like with "Body Brilliant" you will have objects thrown at you that you have to hit, although in the case of this minigame, it's fruit. You only have one life, however, so be careful. In reality though, you can miss as much of the fruit as you like and it will not cause you to lose a life, so simply take it nicely and slowly and focus on the bombs that will be thrown at you, which will be marked with a red circle. Avoid these at all costs as these will cause you to lose a life. If you manage to hit 50 pieces of fruit, without hitting a single bomb, this rather easy Achievement will be yours.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Target Teaser 25
Scored 130 or more in the Target Smash Table Tennis mini-game

The aim of this Achievement is to score 130 or more points in the minigame. You will be presented with a line of moving targets, each starting with the number '1'. Everytime you hit a target, it will 'smash' and the number will get bigger - meaning more points - and then after you hit the '3' you will smash the block completely. However, in doing so you will earn yourself a 'smash' shot which is invaluable in obtaining this Achievement, as you will need a lot of them in order to rack up this 130 point score. Once you use a 'smash', it will turn the block you hit into a '3' and the ones either side of it into a '2'. The more higher numbers you end up with on the table, the better, as you'll be able to earn more points. Keep hitting the '3's and alternating sides, hitting the blocks on the side where they are leaving normally, and saving your smashes for the new blocks when they enter. With a bit of practice at alternating sides, using both forehand and backhand, this should be no trouble at all.

I have included a video below to illustrate: (it also contains a guide for the 'Have That Too' Achievement)

Send me a message if you need help with 'The Colourist' Achievement on Fable 2

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