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Wild Rush 20
Landed 5 or more punches on a dizzied opponent in the King of the Ring Boxing mini-game

This is a very easy Achievement to obtain. After a few hits, you will dizzy your opponent while playing King of the Ring. Just keep landing quick, jabby punches with both fists. Try and cut out the power shots for now, as quick, jabby punches work better and the Achievement should be yours first time round.

I've included a video below to illustrate: (it also contains a guide for the 'Biff Sock Kapow!' Achievement)

Style Shot Show-off 25
Scored 50 or more in the Super Striker Soccer mini-game

You will have balls thrown at you, marked with orange targets on the screen, and you will have to get any part of your body that's available behind it to hit it. Watch out for the red ones though, as these will be boots and will cause you to lose a life. You have three lives, and will lose one for either missing the ball or being hit with a boot. As with most of these Achievements, perseverance is crucial as this one will definately take a few attempts at to get right.

I have included a video below to illustrate:

Goals on a Roll 20
Scored 10 consecutive goals or more in the Super Striker Soccer mini-game

This is more difficult than some of the target shooting minigames as you have no real control of direction. A ball will be thrown into you and you have to get your body behind it to get it into the net. A good technique here seems to be attempting to bump and push with your body slightly to get more power behind it, as the goalkeeper seems to struggle to save these shots. Keep persevering with this one, as until you find what technique works for you this could be a while in coming.

I have included a video below to illustrate:


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