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Great guide! One of the best I've seen! I've found some tricks for the free DLC achievements!

Invasion Thwarted30 Knocked down 50 pins or more in 4 seconds in the Pinvaders Bowling mini-game

For this, don't roll the bowling balls at the start until the "PIN PANIC" is about to happen. Once it is about to come out with more pins, try and roll both balls into the middle of two lanes (Which will know down both of the lanes hopefully) Do this and you will surely get the achievement!

Kilometer King25 Scored 1000 or more in the Rapid Runner Track & Field mini-game

You can pause the game in the middle of it to get more rest. Be sure to pause it in rest zones and to keep controller in your hand! This makes it a little easier but it still it difficult!

Goals on a Roll20 Scored 10 consecutive goals or more in the Super Striker Soccer mini-game

Whenever you're in a target, try to "push" the ball into the goal or direction you want it to go. This will make the goalie less likely to block your shot. Do this ten times in a row and the achievement is yours!

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