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Originally Posted by KillerBEA View Post
Did an overhaul, added some details to the descriptions. Re-added Blades Guwange-sama achievement video (I swore I added it once before).

Did some practice last night, got just shy of 25mil and 10k coin combo

Plan on adding a few more things will I will square most of that away tonight I hope .

Just added the point value for killing the bosses and added a tip about rubber banding the right trigger to keep the shikigami out.

Getting close but not done quite yet!
sorry for my english =[

i buy the game yesterday, and make 130/200 without great dificult, play with gensuke in arrange mode make the game reaaaaaaaaly easy, only "True Diabolical Power!" and "The Subjugation of Guwange-sama!" to 200/200.

I record the replay in a bit
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