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Originally Posted by MattDB87 View Post
yep exactly

update: I got the maid achievement by selecting dec 31st and then going to the Y menu

update: I got the laundry achievement by selecting the movie theater as the date through the months of june and july.
U lucky bugger, care to share some more info, like how much LP u had, how many years had passed, which cheev u went for/got 1st(I think with those 2 one is needed for the other) and what girl u had?

Everytime I select Dec 31st, she just talks and it goes straight to Jan 01st, it wont let me get into the "Y" menu on 31st, tried starting from 30th, can get to Y menu but no luck.(Maybe my Birthday being Jan 01 has something to do with it?)

[EDIT]Nabbed myself the Laundry one, now I just need the last one, im guessing u had all 9 outfits unlocked for it?

[EDIT] Finally got it I had to load up before the 20th of Dec, once Dec 20th hit, I got the ending credits and kinky end screen, after that I picked the top option twice and continued the game, then the 2nd last option was available in the menu, I picked that and cheev popped

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