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I really was enjoying this game, playing on hard, until I confronted this guy. I was really pissed at him and at myself for not being able to play better. I started looking for hints on how to get rid of him easier and found myself here.

I tried using a knife technique and failed to down this guy. I tried about 30 times, no less. I'm a pretty decent player, I have good reaction and all that. I was able to keep the guy always in my aim but, sometimes, when he was about to strike, for some unknown reason, the controllable character was putting slashing on halt. This happened just about every try and there was nothing to do about it.

Now about circling around him. The guy is always abidextrious in my case - that is he easily uses both of his hands. Despite that, it's still possible to circle around him without getting hit, but it takes much more skill and precision to circle around him to be able to slaughter him with a knife than to do it some other way.

In the end I just took him down with a shotgun. What I did was keep shooting at his head up to the moment he approaches close enough to make a jump or strike me. At this point it's important to start moving towards him and shoot him somewhere (head is the best, of course) to prevent him from making a move. He will stutter long enough for you to sprint just inches away from him, turn around and continue shooting. I was able to easily repeat this tactic. Also, I found it much easier to down the bastard with a shotgun than with an automatic rifle.

Update: Shotgun tactic is definitely extremely easy. I took the second masked guy on my first try with the tactic I used (on hard difficulty and I didn't even know he was going to pop out). For the third and last one I used a different weapon and it went much slower.

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