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First, it is 2-player so already offers more. Second, you should be ashamed for forgetting that CASE: Zero at 400 points was a shock to everyone as almost all Arcade titles not made on a budget release at 800. Most with similar graphics or gameplay (like Hydrophobia) first release at 1200. Capcom stated that they made no profit from CASE: Zero... some people just too quickly forget that CASE: Zero was a hell of a deal and then complain why companies don't do it all the time.
God, I'm so ashamed... lol, what a tool you are. Case Zero wasn't a 'shock' to everyone, it was a pleasant surprise but for once it was a game that justified it's price tag. Given that there was around 4 hours playtime in Case Zero, I'd say it was about the right price. I'd have been happy to pay 560 for it, but not 800. Also, you are furthermore of a tool if you believe Capcom made no profit on Case Zero.

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Oh yeah, to talk more about the game from a playing standpoint rather than plot, anyone else pick up the Chef's Knife in the cafeteria? If you haven't, go find it and do the hold X version of its attack: funny stuff.
That was in Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 mate
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