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Originally Posted by Helg0r View Post
I started to grind it but soon realized that I wouldn't get it that way if I couldn't come up with a consistent strategy. So I made a save right before the boss and played that part over and over again looking for a pattern and safe-spots. Experimentation with different characters eventually lead to Shishin as my favorite.
However, once I was able to beat the final boss without taking damage I continued to practice that part until I pulled it off three times in a row and then switched back to Arrange mode and got it on the second try.

Most of the time in the beginning was 'wasted' though because I didn't know about the no-bomb restriction until one of the Japanese players kindly told me, that's approximately when I started to practice from a savegame

I suggest you do the same and start by practicing only that part and once you got it down move on to playing casually.
Thx - but I have to admit I feel stupid... I've been playing for this achievement more seriously since Xmas, but didn't bother with practice as much as I should have (got it once in practice and just went on to arrange mode...)
In 1 hour I can try the boss section as often as 1 month at my current rate of play. I'll post back when I get the achievement

Thx to SeedyEvil for the Sig

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