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Originally Posted by mjc0961 View Post
That's all the game tells us about directly. There are probably more.
That is just an assumption and an incorrect one based on what Rebecca says in the game as she, incorrectly, theorized they did this simply because it has been so long since the last outbreak. Nothing in the game suggests it has happened since Still Creek or that anyone staged any of the outbreaks aside from Vegas and Fortune as Sullivian specifies only those two when confronting Greene. That's one of the big problems, the game indicates to the player that there a PLENTY of zombies for these PPV events and even a group trying to protect them... then it claims the antagonist needs zombies to keep important people alive when A) they have a cure and B) they only use the zombies for about a day before the Government gets involved. Doesn't make sense.
Originally Posted by Dannyb0yUK View Post
God, I'm so ashamed... lol, what a tool you are. Case Zero wasn't a 'shock' to everyone, it was a pleasant surprise but for once it was a game that justified it's price tag. Given that there was around 4 hours playtime in Case Zero, I'd say it was about the right price. I'd have been happy to pay 560 for it, but not 800. Also, you are furthermore of a tool if you believe Capcom made no profit on Case Zero.
You should be ashamed by how little you know but pass off as 'fact'. Search Kotaku or anyother game site for Case Zero price/release announcement. Previous to release everyone expected it would be 800. And Case Zero was less then 4 hours, FYI. But game time doesn't equal price point. Hydrophobia was 1200 points and roughly 3 hours and X-Men offers an achievement to beat the game in 25 mins and that is 800 points! And I won't resort to childish name calling - google Case Zero and profit. They announced that the low price point would get more to crave the full game but 400 points per sold copy would never cover development costs and still turn a profit unless every single gamer bought it. They released it on one platform and not in every region. You would have to be an idiot if you couldn't understand how $5 per sale wouldn't cover development and still turn a profit for a XBLA title of such quality. Next time do some research before trying to argue about common price points or you just come off sounding cheap.

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