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Originally Posted by Xscapist View Post
Does the 90 minutes have to be done in a single sitting, or can you quit out and resume later and it'll pick up where it left off?
I would imagine it all has to be done in one sitting, and it very easily can be. The patch seems to drastically cut the health of enemies, so it doesn't take near as long to kill everything.

I got it today, going from Lvl. 1 Knives to beating Gideon. As long as you're not terribly slow and use Subspace shortcuts when you can, you should be fine to make it in the 90 minutes.

On a semi-related note, I don't know if they just want you to beat all 7 bosses in 90 minutes (a la One Man Army), or if they want you to go from the very first level to the very last, in order, in 90. Either way, it's easy.
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