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Originally Posted by Exu View Post
Better and faster method for Ninja Somersault: Go to second battle with Gideon (Gigadeon) and then once the second phase of the fight begins, run up and stomp him ten times. Easy.
I can't get this to work at all. Every time I try, I get in 8 hits before he either backs up out of reach or attacks me. Never fails, exactly 8 hits, he backs up.

Doing it in Zombie mode is pretty much impossible too, because no matter how many zombies gather up, one stomp will hit multiple zombies, knocking them all over and clearing out the entire area around me.

Is there some other place to do this? Because this achievement is looking pretty impossible at the moment.

EDIT: and of course I get it right after posting this. Looks like it's easier to keep your chain if you stick to the bottom right, where his attacks can't reach.

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