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Dead Rising 2: Case West's tricky 'Handy Man' Achievement

If you picked up Dead Rising 2: Case West and are having a problem getting the "Handy Man" Achievement, which requires building all the new weapons in the DLC, it may not necessarily be that you're missing something. XBLA Fans, in its "DR2: Case West Weapons Combo Guide," notes that the "Handy Man" requires players build only the seven new weapons in the game. Apparently, if you create any other weapons before those seven, you'll have to move the save file to another device or delete it.

The site previously put together the handy-dandy Super Meat Boy bandage guide, which has helped keep our rage-tossing controller destruction to a minimum.

Gallery: Dead Rising 2: Case West DLC (11/30/10)

Source: XBLA Fans
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