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Diary and Weapon Upgrade Guide with Maps

This is a guide to help you with finding the Diaries and Weapon Upgrades in Bioshock.
I will have the written guide then underneath will be the map with the corresponding numbers on it.
*Diaries are listed in order of appearance(mostly)*

I didn't exactly know how to best do the maps so I used my TV Card in my computer and took snapshots of the map and cut and pasted them together, it's not the best...but it's better than just taking pictures of my TV.

(This is my first guide on this site so yea, if you like it use it if you don't...I don't care)

Thanks goes to DaKing240 for most of the Diary guide and K00PA TR00PA for the Upgrades guide, and to anyone else who helped out those people with their guides.

*If I left any maps and or diaries out just message me...I have them all on computer I just might have overlooked one*


Diaries are in BLUE
Weapon Upgrades are in RED

some tips for if you cant find little sisters
-Make sure you haven't dealt with all in the level.
-Make sure when you are fighting the BD the LS don't run back into the hole.
-If you can't find them at all, kill a few splicers and wait around the bodies...eventually the LS will come to harvest it.
-(Off Topic) If your going for the All Tonics achv. you have to rescue all the LS to get a few from the gifts and just look around everywhere and when your about to end the level go to your map and go back to any grayed out areas and search for them.(Sorry I didn't put Tonic locations on maps, I didn't remember untill half way through and didn't feel like going back)

Should this be Stickied??

Welcome To Rapture -- Medical Pavilion (19 Total)

Beginning Section (2 Total):
  1. *Diane McClintock - New Year's Eve Alone - Located on a table before entering the bathroom)
  2. *Steve Barker - Hole in Bathroom Wall - Located in the bathroom, the right entrance)
*You must get these before going through the bulkhead door to the next section, otherwise you will not be able to come back for them. If you miss them, you have to start a new game.

Medical Station (17 Total):
  1. Diane McClintock - Released Today - Located on a table, between the 2 winding stairways, in the lobby, you will see a Medical Services Cashier sign)
  2. Steinman - Adam's Changes - Located on a table, you will see it after hacking the security bot, which opens the door)
  3. Steinman - Higher Standards - Located on a wall, its on the way to Dr. Steinman, you'll see a lot of blood on the wall, scissors and pictures)
  4. Andrew Ryan - Parasite Expectations - Located on a table, it will be right after getting #3, you will see a neon sign saying "Is Your Family Protected")
  5. Steinman - Limits of Imagination - Located on a wall, after getting #4, it will be on the left side of the wall, next to the broken Medical Pavilion sign)
  6. Andrew Ryan - Vandalism - Located on a chair, it will be on the far right room, the opposite side of #5. You will see a Circus Vending Machine next to the chair)
  7. Tenenbaum - Love For Science - Located on a table, its in the center of the room, in between #5 and #6. You will see
  8. Steinman - Surgery's Picasso - Located under the William Hoffner picture, it will be located on the left side of the "Eternal Flame" building)
  9. Suchong - Enrage Trial - Located in the pool of blood in the Kure-All area as soon as you walk in, go to the right, then through the door on your left, then go straight and it will be on the floor in the corner
  10. Steinman - Symmetry - When going after Steinman, and blowing up the debris, it will be right in front of you to the right of the corpse in the wheel chair
  11. Suchong - Testing Telekenisis - Right where you get Telekenisis, its right where you practice using it with the tennis ball thrower
  12. Steinman - Aphrodite Walking - In the room to the right, right before you go into the room to fight Steinman, it's lying on a cabinet next to a dentist's chair that's covered in blood
  13. Steinman - Not What She Wanted - Search the corpse that is lying on the table that you saw Steinman working on as you walked in on him, she has this diary on her.
  14. Steinman - Gatherer Vulnerability - After choosing whether to harvest or rescue your first Little Sister after killing Steinman, it will be on the floor next to a briefcase at the Gatherer's Garden that is behind the curtain that opens up and you purchase your first gene upgrades at before you can leave the area.
  15. Suchong - Plasmids Are The Paint - Right next to the Tonic - Speedy Hacker, in the room in the Medical Pavilion that you have to climb through the window while a gun turret is shooting at you, it's in the room to the left of where it says "Painless Dental" on the map
  16. McDonagh - Freezing Pipes - you must melt the ice that leads to the cure-all area with your incinerate plasmid and it will be under the ice
  17. Tenenbaum - Useless Experiments - Dandy Dental, on the floor near the entrance to the offices.

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