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Neptune's Bounty -- Smuggler's Hideout (23 Total)
  1. Sullivan - Bathysphere Keys - Located behind the farther gun turret in the Lower Wharf area from when you enter from the Bathysphere Station
  2. Sullivan - Timmy H. Interrogation - When in the area that has both a Gene Bank and a Gatherer's Garden, go into the water all the way at the bottom and follow the path, you should see a keypad that is hackable on your left. Hack it, then grap the diary that is leaning on the crate by the guy being electricuted in the water.
  3. Andrew Ryan - Fontaine Must Go - Once Peach Wilkins sends you out on your quest to get your camera, you will enter through a gate that was once locked before. Kill the couple guys that are in the hall to your right, then fall down the hole that is in a place off to the right where the floor is broken. Follow this path until the end, and it will be lying on the ground, along with some ammo and a First-Aid Kit.
  4. Tenenbaum - Finding The Sea Slug - Once you enter the Upper Wharf area, go straight and it will be on a table where some fish are lying on the ground and are on the table as well.
  5. Mariska Lutz - Masha Come Home - Also in the Upper Wharf area, its near the Little Sister hole on the left, it's lying on the ground in the water.
  6. Sullivan - Picked up Timmy H. - Directly after getting "Masha Come Home" turn to your right and search the dead body on the ground.
  7. Tenenbaum - Adam Discovery - After getting Security Bullseye, drop down and kill the leadhead splicer by the security camera, then, on the right hand side, you will see two conveyor belts. By the left one, there will be an open crate with the diary sitting in it
  8. McDonagh - Eden Leaking - From Adam Discovery, go through the door to go to "The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern" and it will be lying on the ground next to two plumbing pipes, you can't miss it.
  9. Tenenbaum - Fontaine's Smugglers - From Eden Leaking, continue on into the glass tube, and on the right, there will be a security camera. Right under it will be the diary sitting on a bench
  10. Andrew Ryan - Death Penalty in Rapture - From Fontaine's Smugglers, go straight and then go to the right. As soon as you enter this room, it will be directly on your left on a table
  11. Sullivan - Smuggling Ring - Once you get into "The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern" it will be right under a 32% 123 Beer sign on a table
  12. Andrew Ryan - Working Late Again - "The Fighting McDonagh's” Tavern on a bar table near the windows.
  13. Mariska Lutz - Saw Masha Today - Located in room 7. Hack the door or enter the code if you find it, it will be on the bed next to the two corpses lying on it.
  14. McDonagh - Meeting Ryan - Right next to the Vita-Chamber to the right of "The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern" in the vent hole
  15. McDonagh - Rapture Changing - Go behind the bar in "The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern" and through the door. Once through there, go through the door straight ahead that is behind the waterfall and it will be on the desk to the right
  16. Peach Wilkins - Putting The Screws On - To the left of the first Power to the People station. Incinerate the snow guarding the door, it will be next to the safe in the back of this area.
  17. Peach Wilkins - Meeting With Fontaine - Once in Smuggler's Hideout, you will come to a place where there is a drill looking device and a gun turret shooting at you. Kill the gun turret and to the right of the gun turret will be the diary leaning against a crate
  18. Frank Fontaine - Kraut Scientist - After watching the pipes blow up by the submarine, continue onwards and you will come to a sort of big wooden area with some splicers. Kill all these guys, and once you reach the bottom, you will come to a gate with a lock on your right, right before you enter the tunnel. Break the lock and the diary will be on the ground next to some crates
  19. Peach Wilkins - Offered A Deal - Right after you watch the submarine blow up, continue on and once you start going towards the Bulkhead to Arcadia, the diary will be on the ground next to a crate before the bridge
  20. Andrew Ryan - First Encounter – **This has been moved to appropriate section in Farmer’s Market**
  21. Sullivan - Have My Badge – Before you go into WharfMaster Goal, go to the right a bit and you should see a crawlspace, go into it and through until you reach a room…it’s on the table
  22. McDonagh - Arresting Fontaine - Go to the upper part of "The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern and go into room 6 by Electric Bolting the door control and it will be on the floor next to the corpse that is handcuffed to the bed
  23. Andrew Ryan - Watch Fontaine – Northern side of the UpperWharf near a vending machine.

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