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Arcadia -- Farmer's Market(24 Total)

Main section (16 Total)
  1. McDonagh - Seeing Ghosts - Soon as you enter the tea gardens cross the bridge on the left side, its under the overturned chairs
  2. Dieter Sonnekalb - Big Night Out - In the door to the right of "seeing ghosts" diary. its on the ground under a broken bench
  3. Tenenbaum - Mass Producing Adam - Turn to the right after finding "big night out" diary, this one is on the ground by a chair
  4. Langford - Arcadia Closed - Its on a well lit workbench right next to a gene bank after your 1st houdini splicer encounter
  5. Andrew Ryan - The Market Is Patient - On a bench inside doors to waterfall grotto, across from gatherers garden
  6. Langford - Early Tests Promising - Waterfall Grottos, near the water wheel in the lower level. On a crate to the left of the rosebush
  7. Andrew Ryan - Offer a Better Product - Turn around from the rose bush, its on a rock next to a corpse in the water
  8. Diane McLintock - Heroes And Criminals - After the broken vending machine in the waterfall grotto, turn left at the corner and zap the door lever, its on the ground inside the room
  9. Mariska Lutz - Shouldn't Have Come - Under rolling hills neon sign just before reaching langfords lab
  10. Langford - The Saturine - Just after leaving the lab, up a hill, you will see a fire set by a splicer, its on the ground inside cave entrance
  11. Langford - Arcadia and Oxygen - Look at your map for Tree Farm. It will be on the left of it, top right corner. You will see Arcadia Glens signs.
  12. Langford - What Won't They Steal? - located on the floor, on the right corner of the room. It will be immediately after sending the rose to Langford in the following room.
  13. Langford - Teaching An Old Hound - located on a desk, in the room following #12. Its in the center facing you as you walk in the room.
  14. Langford - The Lazerus Vector - Once Langford dies, pick this diary off her dead corpse
  15. Langford - Lazarus Vector Formula - Located in the safe, in the same room as #14. The safe code is written on the window behind you.
  16. Tenenbaum - Maternal Instinct - located on the way to the Farmers Market. It will be on the left doorway, and you will see signs everywhere, Farmers Market and Tickets.
Farmer's Market (9 Total):
  1. Tasha Denu - Bee Enzyme - located the moment you enter the Farmer's Market on the left side, next to the Pneumo machine.
  2. Andrew Ryan -- First Encounter - Farmer's Market, near the Bouncer corpse in the lower storage room.
  3. Tenenbaum Hatred - Farmer's Market, on a desk in the lower storage room.
  4. Andrew Ryan - Desperate Time - Farmer's Market, in the crawlspace that links to the freezer.
  5. Andrew Ryan - Pulling Together - If you were to make a left once entering the Farmer's Market, it will be sitting on the table/buffet, on the left side.
  6. Pierre Gobbi - Water in Wine - It will be on your way to one of the items you need to pick up. Located on the floor next to the purple Worley Winery sign.
  7. Tenenbaum - Adam Explained - Silverwing Apiary, on the counter near the entrance.
  8. Tenenbaum - Functional Children - Winery, on a table in the rear of the room.
  9. Andrew Ryan - The Great Chain - Arcadia Metro Station, on the bench to the right of the entrance. (PART 1 MAP)
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