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Olympus Heights -- Apollo Square (12)

1.Mozart of Genetics (Suchong) - Olympus Heights, in the Bistro Square snack bar.
2.Artist Woman (Sullivan) - Culpepper's Apartment, on the corner table just inside the main room.
3.Fontaine's Human Jukebox (Suchong) - Suchong's Apartment, on the floor in the southernmost room.
4.Mind Control Antidote (Suchong) - Suchong's Apartment, on his desk next to the tonic.
5.Fontaine's Breakup (Paparrazi) - Mercury Suites, on the upper walkway near the U-Invent machine.
6.Sad Saps (Frank Fontaine) - Fontaine's Apartment, on the coffee table near his collection of cigars.
7.What's Happening Here? (Diane McClintock) - Apollo Square, on the ground near the Circus of Values machine.
8.Atlas Lives (Diane McClintock) - Apollo Square, near the Gatherer's Garden machine.
9.Protection Board (Suchong) - Artemis Suites, on the floor of Suchong's office in the clinic.
10.Meeting Atlas (Diane McClintock) - Hestia Chambers, just inside the entrance on the right.
11.The Longest Con (Frank Fontaine) - Atlas' Headquarters, right on the desk next to the tonic.
12.Today's Raid (Diane McCormick) - Atlas' Headquarters, search the corpse near the safe in the corner.

Point Prometheus -- Proving Grounds (9)

1.Changing Employers (Suchong) - Main Hall, melt the ice to enter the closet upstairs and search the trash can.
2.Why Just Girls? (Tenenbaum) - Atrium Balcony, on the desk in the second floor of the orphanage.
3.Extra Munitions (Suchong) - Plasmid Prototyping, on the ground next to the RPG Turret.
4.Marketing Gold (Andrew Ryan) - Test Subject Storage, on a machine on the right-hand side of the room near the cascading water.
5.Missing Boots (Suchong) - Candidate Conversion area, on a desk in the rear of the room.
6.Protector Smell (Suchong) - Suit Assembly, on the machinery in the second floor southwest room.
7.Protecting Little Ones (Suchong) - Suit Assembly, on a desk in the southeast room upstairs.
8.Mistakes (Andrew Ryan) - Suit Assembly, near the Gene Bank machine.
9.Cheap Son of a *** (Suchong) - Storage, on a desk in the small storage area of Suit Assembly.

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