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Originally Posted by Extreme Washing Machine View Post
dont mention it, happy somebody decided to fill the 'guide' void.
btw, how do you change the colour font to purple?
Hey, I was more than happy to write one. It was really good fun to do actually.

You see the little button with the "A" on and the black rectangle underneath, above the text both when you post, next to the font name and size? If you click the little arrow next to it you'll get a drop-down bar with a load of colours on. Just highlight your text and then choose a colour that way, or choose the colour before you type.

Originally Posted by Xx Overkill VR View Post
champion boxing was a pain to do and left me extremely sore for days afterward and im in decent shape... best tip is to only do uppercuts once you have full bars...

the thing with champion is that it isnt even fair... he is much stronger than you so it ends up being entirely based on endurance

1) Face block with your hands perpendicular to the floor
2) Body block with your hands parallel with the floor
3) Guaranteed stun with a 3 bar uppercut otherwise its all luck

#3 took me so long to figure out and once i did i managed to beat him quickly
Thanks man, I'll add your tips.
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