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Originally Posted by ThingontheFloor View Post
Underachiever 10
Get a score of less than 20 after all bonuses have been awarded

You'll get this in Arcade Mode where bonuses are awarded. Few ways of getting this, an easy way is to hit a banana (not hitting one will award 50 points) and a bomb (not hitting one will also award points) and let the time run out. Easy!
I'm having trouble with this achievement. I do the exact same thing you say and I always get 35 points:
5: Fruit Salad
5: Delicious Fruit
25: First and Last Fruit

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

EDIT: I figured it out. You also need to slice an additional fruit so you don't get the First and Last Fruit 25 point bonus. I got 15 points by slicing a banana, 1 fruit and 1 bomb. You should definitely edit this in your guide.
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