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Could someone explain the differences between endings S and A in DR2? As someone who in my story playthrough (read: the playthrough in which I didn't just run around killing zombies/go achievement hunting) got the S ending, I was quite confused at the beginning of Case West, as it seemed to contradict the ending (why was Chuck looking for evidence to clear himself if he already had it? Where were Katey and Stacey?)

On a related note, is the A ending official now? Or is DR2 CW just an alternate possibility (in the same vein as Force Unleashed 1 & 2's DLC)? Given the clear setup to DR3, I would assume the former (which completely sucks - they make you go through all that extra crap to get the S ending, and it's not the real one? Lame!)

Also, to those people saying Vegas/Still Creek were the only other zombie outbreaks after Willamette, if memory serves at some point in DR2 and/or DR2 CW, a character (don't remember who or when) mentions other zombie outbreaks. One of these could be the one in Japan from the short film Inafune directed as part of the marketing for DR2 (which I assume would be canon). That's one confirmed one, at the very least.

In any event, count me among those unhappy with the seeming retconning of the S ending (I HATE retcons with a passion, no matter how well they're done - and in this case, it wasn't well done at all). As for the cure, I can see a few possibilities. 1) As Frank said, she's full of bull. 2) Bad, self-contradictory writing. 3) She has a cure, but only she and a few others know about it, and she is unwilling to give it to infected politicians/powerful people, knowing that if they believe Zombrex is the only answer to their problem, they will do whatever it takes to help out her company. On the other hand, if she cures them, while they might be grateful, they won't necessarily go to any lengths to help her (a politician could announce there's a cure to get votes, for example, effectively ruining her company). While this last possibility is pure speculation, it's the only way I can see them making sense of her statement without resorting to option #1.

Oh, and what did they do to Isabella's character model? Until Frank blurted out, "Isabella?" I didn't even know it was supposed to be her.
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