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Originally Posted by minh2 View Post
The Bathroom fight in Chapter 1 is skipable, i didn't fight any guys and just ran to the back of the room, the fire explosion will occur. you can then proceed and run to the hole directly, no fighting involved.

did this twice on my 2 attempts

and there is no Turbo type achievement in W2, I've already 200/200 it, it has it's share of tough achievements, i have posted some tips on some of them on the W2 forum
I tried this thrice and never worked for me. I had to finish all the bad guys before the end scene would appear.

EDIT: Apparently it only works, if there are no enemies near you when you are staying at the crater. So make sure they don't follow you at the end..

F#ck I HATE HATE HATE this achievement!

Attempt1: didn't make it in time
Attempt2: Threw an enemy down a place, where I had to defeat all enemies to progress = didn't let me activate next jump, because thrown enemy was still alive - lol. had to quit...
Attempt3: Underboss f#cked me
Attempt4: Level4_ Rohrschach didn't want to climb the final step of a ladder - thus letting me fight two huge fights all alone, but routing enemies near him that he couldn't fight - funny time waste... didn't make it in time...
Attempt5:... i hate this game

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