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1. Ok i have def jam rapstar and i am wondering if you can change the settings to make it the unclean version because i hate the blank parts for swearing.
A: I'm afraid not, it can't be changed.

2. I have the UK version but i prefer american rap and dont really like english rap, i dont have redman and method man da rockweilder....dmx party up... and loads more
A: Me too and me either, alot of the DLC on this list I believe is intended to be released although we've only had a select few thus far.

3. Is there a way you can rap battle online?
A: The way you do that is via a Webcam and I don't believe it simultanious. I think you find a battle online at the website, fix the match, record your submissions via the webcam and upload - then people vote on it. I also don't think you can use Kinect for this.. yet.

Hope that helps mate.
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