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Originally Posted by mjc0961 View Post
This is easier:
YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - Ending A

It still doesn't match up with the start of Case West all that well (Chuck goes from being sure he's got enough evidence to clear his name to needing some more evidence?), but it clearly fits better than ending S does.

Yeah, it didn't sound like Isabella either. Very strange.
Thanks for that. What a lame ending (even without the contradictions between it and CW - "Chuck Greene the man was never heard from again." Nevermind the fact that Blue Castle has said Chuck will be the protagonist of DR3.)

Also, just looked up the credits online, and the reason it didn't sound like Isabella is because it was a different actress. According to IMDB, Kim Mai Guest played her in DR1, and Venus Terzo played her in CW. Lame.
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