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Level Achievements

Walking Tall -
See To The Max..

To The Max -
This achievement requires you to reach level 50 which is quite time consuming but also easily gained by upgrading weapons and your bases to their maximum levels and leaving them to do their thing by killing all the freaks,

A mission also gives you a helping hand with this achievement, the mission can vary from saving your neighbor, a supply truck or a ambulance to destroying stolen buses, cell cars or even a Goliath.

Sunburst is also a must when it comes to getting this achievement but be warned if you are level 49 and near level 50 using it will prevent you from getting this achievement because it is currently glitched (this may be the same with level 9 to 10).

Friends Achievements

Poker Night - 10

This achievement requires you to place 5 friends on 5 turrets, this is done by pressing and holding a weapon till the menu appears and using it to select a friend to place there. Their is a trick to getting this achievement which requires you to have 4 turrets and a level 2 base, simply place friends on all them then use one turret and replace the friend that is mounted on it.

Tip: You could also do this at a friends base.

Slumber Party -
This achievement might cause you trouble, you need a friend that has this game to get it. When on the menu were you select the base you want to play with swipe your screen right and the friends list will show, find your friend and visit their base, take control of one of their turrets and score a kill and go back to the main menu, then rinse and repeat the previous steps 10 more times and you will eventually unlock this achievement.

Misc Achievements

Shoulda Seen It When I Got Here -

This will be either the second or third achievement that you unlock, simply press down on a weapon until the menu shows and select upgrade, once it is upgraded the achievement will unlock

Scavenger Hunt -
This achievement is gained by changing your base location to the current location that you are in, To do this build a base from your home and then go somewhere like a friends, the pub, any relatives home or anywhere and it will unlock.

Skills For Kills -
To gain this achievement you need to earn 200,000 kills with one weapons using manual touch targeting, the weapon levels are displayed below in the achievement description and way to gain provided by danz32

Originally Posted by danz32 View Post
Level 1: Given From Start
Level 2: 50 kills
Level 3: 250 kills
Level 4: 2,500 kills
Level 5: 50,000 kills
Level 6: 200,000 kills

The number of kills is ONLY from touch targeting, in other words manual targeting. This is when you place the crosshairs either on a mission vehicle or some specific place on the map, or when you manually aim/shoot a gun by touching it.

One easy way is finding a long stretch of road and setting up lasers. I manually set the targets so they would shoot down the road and destroy many freaks in one shot.

Their are plenty of long roads where you can set up the specific weapon that you are going for level 6 in and set targets along the roads for them to shot, kill hordes of enemies as they appear, their are plenty of roads like this in Australia


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