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Great guide. Here's a few helpful tips. At the end of the second screen,grab the unlimited ammo but don't use it immediately on the 3rd screen. Instead, if you have enough health,save it for the second half of screen 3. Unfortunately, you'll have to pass up the first health carried by the wolf because you can only hold 1 power up at a time. When you see the 2 caribou pass with the second health, use your unlimited ammo power up as they are about to exit left and grab the health IF YOU NEED IT ONLY. If not, let them pass and a wolf will immediately enter from the left. After you lay him down, use the unlimited ammo and spray the incoming wave of wolves. You should be able to pick up the 3rd health carried by a wolf quickly moving in the same path as the caribou.Be sure to use it as soon as you get it so you can pick up the slow timer power up to save for the next screen. If you use the unlimited ammo late enough on screen 3, it will carry over to the beginning of screen 4, making it very simple to quickly eliminate the first 2 or 3 wolves. If not, the slow timer should help you clear the first few, and will allow you to immediately get the first health power up from the wolf entering from the right instead of waiting for him to circle around and come back. Also, I highly recommend the rifle as your primary weapon because it's faster and holds 3 shots. However, the shotgun will help for close range kills like the end of screen 2 where you get the unlimited ammo, and the beginning of screen 4 where the wolves start right in front of you. Hope this helps.

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