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Ok, to get this acheivement do this:

Clear your consoles cashe (removes any temporary game data)

Use a different storage device to create a new save file on

Make all the new weapons and the Laser Sword during case 1-2 in the order listed below (thanks to GuerillaTech)

Make sure the first item you place is the first item listed in the combo, e.g. put the Floor Buffer on first then add the Stun Rod

Don't Skip the weapon combo scenes!

zap 'n shine = floor buffer + stun rod
Lightning Gun = BFG + Stun Rod
Reaper = Scythe + Katana
Impact Blaster = Impact Hammer + BFG
Sterilizer = Chemicals + Syringe Gun
Shocker = Defibrillator + Medical Trays.
Laser Sword = Gems + Flash Light
Laser Gun = Laser Sword + Lightning Gun

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