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Originally Posted by syn201 View Post
I found the tank part easy myself if you mean the end part with the two tanks camped behind wall for first and then went all the way back to the aa gun for second shot it with that

Now iv finaly done this bitch of a game yay no more shouting what **** ever at the screen when I get 9 grenades at my feet (not as bad as the average 15 on waw but still annoying)

I didn't fully understand the first run-on sentence, but no, that certainly was not the area I spoke of. It was a small square courtyard, which was inside of a larger square-shaped road. There was one tank and it had to be manually destroyed by planting a C4 charge onto it-

This fiasco occurred about midway through the game. It's evasion skill was commendable, though it was more of an annoyance than a pose of difficulty-

Anyway, as previously stated, my biggest problem was finding a copy of the game in full working condition-

Good day to you-

Game recognizes game playa...and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar right now-

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